In recognition of 9/11 REMEMBRANCE DAY

On 9/11/2006, this MISSILE LETTER was launched at Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda and to all terrorist groups and suicide bombers globally.

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  “Osama bin Laden, you are my adversary.  You have declared me an enemy because I am an American and for that, I must die.  That being so, then let us be certain – absolutely certain – what exactly it is that we are battling over and dying for.  That is my purpose in this letter to you – to clarify al Qaeda’s issues that motivate continuing terrorist activities and to suggest ways that the end goals may be better achieved without the loss of more innocent lives.

   The four hijacked planes of 9/11/2001 were intercontinental ballistic missiles, of sorts.  The missiles’ pilots came from another continent and guided them to their targets.  This 9/11/2006 “letter” to you is also an intercontinental missile of sorts, however it is not armed with explosives, but aimed to help prevent further death to all parties.  It is a missile of ideas and alternate viewpoints intended to begin a process that can lead to possible resolutions and a cease-fire truce on innocent lives.”  (page 12 of this letter)

   Since 9/11/2001, in the past five years, two wars have been initiated and continue on without finality.  Despite unprecedented global security measures, coordinated terror strikes are occurring more frequently in more regions than before 9/11/2001.

   Unless a dramatic shift in the direction those current events are heading, future mass casualties of innocent civilians will intensify and escalate.  To redirect this trajectory of destruction will take the effort and will of “everyday people” to voice their feelings and opinions in ways that will lead to greater understanding and common ground.

   You can help make a difference in resolving our present terror dilemma. A one-question survey to help bridge the understanding between different cultures and religions is offered for your participation at the end of this letter.

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